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Sound Effects, Sound Design Playlists & Sound Tracks Music for Media Creators

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Easy Audio Upload

Music Composers can upload soundtracks, sound effects, and music for the next film. New music can be discovered by Music Supervisors, Ad Agencies, and Media Creators.

High Quality Music Play

Media Creators will listen to studio-quality music, including sound effects, original premium audio, exclusive to account holders only.

Friendly Downloading

Media Creators will download curated sounds, international & indie music playlists hand-picked by our team of experts from every genre. Quality perfect for sync placement.

Easy to build, Easy to use

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– 24/7 account access
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– Upload unlimited sounds & tracks
– Tracks are curated for limited sync opportunities 
– Exclusive online invites to Sync Jam
– Retain 100% sync licensing fee and publishing
– Communicate with Sync Manager for advise
– Social Media features

2Media Creator Account


– 24/7 account access
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– Unlimited access to the entire Syncbrary
– Expert genre guidance
– All tracks are One-Stop verified
– Authentic music & sounds
– Small licensing fees (applies to limited tracks)
– All tracks downloadable
– All media access
– E&O Certificate